GWO Basic Technical Training (BTT)

This course is delivered in partnership with Renewable Strategy Ltd.

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GWO Basic Technical Training (BTT)

Course Summary

As of the 1st April 2018, all GWO members expect technicians working on their wind turbines to have a valid GWO BTT Certificate.

Working in partnership with Renewable Strategy, we now offer this course as a fully mobile training solution bringing our trainers and equipment direct to your site.

The GWO BTT is a technical training course comprised of three distinct modules, which can be trained individually or as a full package. They are:

  • BTT Mechanical

  • BTT Hydraulics

  • BTT Electrical

The BTT was developed by GWO in response to the demand for recognisable Basic Technical Training in the industry and has been prepared in co-operation with the members of GWO based on risk assessments and factual incident and accident statistics pertaining to the installation, service and maintenance of WTGs and wind farms.


The BTT is to complement the existing Basic Safety Training (BST) suite of courses and to standardise the entry-level technical training currently delivered by individual OEMs, replacing any other equivalent basic training and leaving OEMs to focus on added value/ technology specific training.



The modules ensure delegates will possess an awareness of the hazards encountered when working on hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems and how to control and mitigate these hazards. Preparing candidates for working on and off-shore in the wind industry.


The course can be physically demanding and to participate in the training you must be medically fit and capable of participating fully. You must provide us with a copy of your valid, current medical certificate as proof of your recent fitness.


Other pre-requisites:

  • You must provide a valid photographic ID such as a Passport or Driving Licence
  • You must be 18+
  • This course is run in English and as such you must have an appropriate level of fluency in order to participate.